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Post Pro Capital is a residential, land & commercial real estate development firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Development Projects

South Park Cottages
South Park Cottages®️
College Park, GA

Car Wash
Chattanooga, TN

Valentina Estates
Chattanooga, TN

Kali Townhomes
Chattanooga, TN


Rashad "Shadzilla" Jones-Jennings

Chairman, Post Pro Capital


Former NBA Player turned Real Estate Investor Rashad “Shadzilla” Jones- Jennings is the Founder of Post Pro Capital. A competitive and tenacious spirit helped Shadzilla rise to the pinnacle of his sport. His vision for Post Pro Capital began on the court. He had the desire to facilitate athletes in their journey to create generational wealth through real estate. Shadzilla played for a host of teams throughout Europe, South America, and Asia, for over eight years, which led to him acquiring a strong network of international investors.

The traits that made him a leader in his sport have led him to a successful career in the real estate industry. Shadzilla has been involved in the industry since 2015, with specialized experience in acquisitions, management, and structuring multi-million dollar developments. As an industry trailblazer, entrepreneur, developer, and investor serving the Southeast real estate market, Shadzilla is a true Game Changer to the industry and a strategic innovator.


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"SHAD!!!! I feel like I can go buy a house right damn now!!!! I'm ready! Great book! Really feel empowered to help my mother through this purchase debacle down here in Florida!

She made a move to purchase without being properly educated, and the inspectors lied to her about the pipes used for plumbing...they are cast iron and he wrote in his report that they were PVC. So in any case, your book is helping me to work backwards! I really appreciate you sharing the knowledge! Thank you, sir!"

C. McCoy

"Excellent negotiator, especially for first-time homebuyers; my wife and I left the closing table with money in our pockets. We recommend Rashad for all of your home buying needs."

K. Hale

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So come on, and join Retired Athlete turned Real Estate Developer, Rashad "Shadzilla" Jones-Jennings, as he teaches us everything that he knows about the real estate game.


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